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KDP Select free days coming soon for Now Boarding…

Now Boarding is the first book I’ve entered into KDP Select. I’ll be setting up a free day soon. Just need to decide on the best way to advertise so it isn’t lost in the noise. Let me know if you have any suggestions or want to be e-mailed before the free day. You can e-mail me via my web site,


Goodreads and LibraryThing Giveaways Start on Friday

This Friday starts the giveaway month for Poor Richard.  I’m giving away 10 hard copy editions on Goodreads and 10 each hard copy and e-books on LibraryThing. Both giveaways run for the month of November.  This is the first one I’ve tried and it will hopefully generate some interest and reviews. If you have any questions about receiving these free books please don’t hesitate to contact me.