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Working on Due Diligence

I’d kind of lost interest in Due Diligence but I figured out why and now I’m on it again. I realized that I didn’t have any interest in any of the characters. They were getting progressively more boring to write about, and would have been worse to read about. I think they are significantly better now.

I’ve also got outlines for books using some of the characters from my other books in case I get any interest in them. Just finished my first giveaway on LibraryThing and the Goodreads giveaway ends tomorrow. We’ll see how those go. I also have an idea for a dystopian novel. I’ve been thinking about that one for a while and that seems to be a genre a lot of people are interested in so if I don’t get a lot of interest in Poor Richard or Now Boarding… that may be the one I go for next. That one is a little complicated though, because you kind of have to create the entire world rather than just the characters. We’ll see.


Another Kindle free day coming soon

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the Kindle free day for Now Boarding… I’ll be running another one soon for one or more of my books. If you like the book please tell a friend and write a review.

Now Boarding… Kindle edition free today

Get a free Kindle copy of Now Boarding… today at This offer is only good through today, Saturday, November 16. If you like it tell a friend and write a review.

Free book offer

The next person to sign up for the Charles Vella mailing list will receive a free copy of Trojan Hearse: A Light Look at the Dark Side of the War on Terror. Trojan Hearse has an unforgettable cast of characters and retails for $19.99. Go to and sign up now for your free copy.

Now Boarding… Kindle Free Day on November 16

Get a free Kindle copy of Now Boarding… on November 16. If you like it tell a friend and write a review.

Now Boarding… available through Kindle lending library

Amazon prime customers can borrow Now Boarding… through the Kindle lending library. I will also be running a free day via KDP select and will announce the date here as well as other places. Thanks again to those who have expressed an interest in the Poor Richard giveaway.

Both giveaways running

First time I’ve done this so hopefully there will be a lot of interest. Thanks to everyone who participates.