Guest interviews

I’m starting a series of interviews with characters from my novels. I thought it would be a good way to get some perspectives besides my own into the blog. Since this first one is on a Sunday, I decided to start with Tommy, from Trojan Hearse: A Light Look at the Dark Side of the War on Terror. As you know, Tommy is the founder and spiritual leader of Tommy’s Gridiron Gospel Mission, Bible College, and Christian Theme Park (Tour buses welcome).

Q. Hi Tommy. Thanks for making the time.

A. Why shore son. Happy t’do it. Happy t’do it. Finished holy services hours ago so this is a good time.

Q. How were services? Did you get many people at the Drive-In Cathedral?

A.  Well I tell you son. The Drive-In Cathedral, it never caught on. Had to turn it back into a reglar drive-in theatre. Moved the statue to    the Gridiron Gospel Mission. Didn’t like to leave it there. Some a the movies they show, well, let’s just say folks might talk about havin a statue of a man a God standin there like he’s watchin.

Q. Sorry to hear that.

A. Well life’s like that son. Takes funny turns. Used the money to add a couple a rides to the theme park. Noah’s water ride. What with global warming and such like, the John the Baptist flume lines, they was gettin a mite long. An the Exodus roller coaster. Folks do love a roller coaster. An that statue a Moses at the end sayin, “That was quite a ride,” that’s a big hit.

Q. Sounds like when life gives you lemons…

A. Now that’s it exactly son. You got to make lemonade. Like I tole Fender about Ruthy’s new husband, Samir. You know Fender, he warn’t so happy, her linkin up with another Arab an all. But that boy, he’s a whiz with computers. Streamlined the whole tech operation. Saved the mission a boat load a money I don’t mind tellin you son. An even Fender’s gotto admit that Ruthy and Zeke, they’re happier’n they been in a long time. We just have him keep a low profile’s all. When the tourists come through I mean.

Q. You mean because he’s an Arab?

A. Now hold on a second son. Don’t go gettin yore shorts in a bunch. We don’t want the activists down here protestin again like when ol Kyle Lubbock showed up in that frilly nightgown. I don’t mind tellin you that was downright embarrassin son. You just got to be mindful a folks’ sensibilities. No sense bitin the hand that feeds you now is there son?

Q. I suppose not. So, anything else you want to say before we sigh off?

A. No. Just enjoyin the quiet life. Acourse, you need me an the Gridiron Gospel Mission for another story son, well, we’re there for you. Don’t ever forget that. We still ain’t forgot that funeral. The publicity brought the take from the theme park up almost twenty percent. Folks do love bein part a history.

Q. Thanks Tommy. I appreciate it.


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