Reading a lot of WWI based novels

I just finished Three Comrades by Erich Remarque, who wrote All Quiet on the Western Front, and Three Soldiers by John Dos Passos. Both worth reading, but Three Comrades is by far the better book. Much more powerfully written. I was standing on the metro when I finished it and felt tears coming to my eyes. Three Soldiers was interesting, but while the ending was also not good for the main character, I didn’t care much. I found that character, whose name I can’t remember, more irritating than anything else. The main character in Three Comrades, Bob, was flawed but very likeable.

Bob must have struck the makers of the movie from the book as funny as it did me because they changed it to Erich for the movie, which seems much more common for a German with two friends, Otto and Gottfried. I plan to watch the movie, but only when I’m either already depressed or in such a good mood that nothing could depress me. I’ve also bought The Road Back by Remarque. Looking forward to reading that.


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