Book Review: A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie

I’m not sure it’s worth reviewing anything by Agatha Christie at this point. She has sold an amazing number of novels with characters like Hercule Poirot. She probably doesn’t translate well into the world of today’s young people, but I never get tired of reading her.

A Caribbean Mystery features Miss Marple, Christie’s spinster sleuth who knits, rocks, and explains to the police what they’re missing. Miss Marple is one of those characters who live in a peaceful small town that must have a murder rate about ten times that of New York. Bodies tend to stack up in her little village of Saint Mary Meade and the police are generally completely at a loss until she straightens them out.

A Caribbean mystery takes place when Miss Marple’s nephew, a successful writer, sends her on a vacation to escape the English winter. I counted four bodies as Miss Marple grapples with a confusing set of facts to eventually save the day, or at least prevent the body count from going to five, but laying hands on the killer.

I won’t go into any detail about the story. The fact is they are all fairly similar. They are good whodunnits combined with good writing and a chance to spend a little time in a world that has long disappeared, but has a lot of things in it that make for an enjoyable visit. If you’ve got an afternoon to kill and want to escape the modern world for a few hours, you could do a lot worse than this, or any other Miss Marple novel.


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