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Need five reviewers

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for five Amazon reviewers for my most recent book, Right of Passage. That will get me up to 10, which will open up marketing opportunities for me that are not currently available. I’m only looking for honest reviews by people who have read the book. I am willing to provide a free copy of the book in exchange.

If you’re interested click here to send me an email, or leave a comment on this blog. As always, you can find all my books on my Amazon site,

Thanks very much.



Please pass this along

I’m trying out a new service that allows me to give away my books (I haven’t yet gotten to the point of paying people to take them). If you click this link before March 31 it will allow you to download a free Kindle copy of Right of Passage, which has five ratings on Amazon with an average of 4.4 stars.

I am aiming to get 20 Amazon reviews, which opens up new marketing avenues for me. If you’ve read Right of Passage, please consider providing a rating on Amazon, which you can do by clicking here.

If you think you know someone who might enjoy Right of Passage, and most people know at least one person with poor judgement, please pass this link along to him or her before March 31.

Thanks very much.

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